This is the last in a four part installment on motivation, so if you missed the first few I encourage you to head to the previous blog posts (linked below)and read them!

  • Part 1 was about understanding why we lose motivation. Essentially, you don’t lose your motivation, you lose your PURPOSE for action. But you can read the whole post here.
  • Part 2 was how to spark motivation back up again and it’s all about having an AMBITION and EXPECTING you can and will achieve it. You can read that here.
  • Part 3 was how to fan the flames of motivation, or how to sustain motivation and keep it going. This was all about how to pay attention and put the right effort into your goals. This gives the SPARK oxygen and turns it into a FLAME! You can read about that here.

Today is all about how we turn that FLAME of motivation into a RAGING INFERNO that doesn’t go out. and it’s all about your ATTITUDE, your ENVIRONMENT and the people you choose to surround yourself with.

The most important thing you need to know is that you can CHOOSE how you show up in this world. Think about the people who achieve great things. Are they sullen and bitter? Negative and resentful? No. What person can you name that has achieved great things with a bad attitude. Those with miserable attitudes rarely move the needle towards progress. Keeping your attitude positive even when the world around seems to be conspiring to make you mad is an incredible accomplishment.

On a side note: If you are feeling down or negative the fastest route to change your state of mind is by either moving your body or altering your breath.

Outside of this one of the best ways to keep yourself sane and positive is to surround yourself with people who are sane and positive. If you are trying to accomplish great things for you or your body you need to either distance yourself from bad attitudes, for it is contagious. Or at the very least, work to surround yourself with people who life you up!

You also need to ensure that your home and work environment are supportive of the change you seek.
If you are trying to lose weight then you need to get all the junk food out of your house and find yourself an accountability partner, someone who can inspire you to keep going even when you feel like quitting. You don’t need a house full of temptation and a partner who tries to entice you to eat or drink more than you should. If you are trying to get in shape then make sure you have the proper equipment or the space you need and find a friend or a coach that will make you show up for your workouts without fail.


In a nutshell. If you have lost your motivation here are three steps to follow to get it back and keep it going!

Step 1: Ignite the SPARK! Ambition and Expectancy. Set your goal and ensure you have a belief in yourself you can achieve it. But remember, motivation follows action so start MOVING YOUR FEET!

Step 2: Fan the FLAME! Attention and Effort. Set up triggers that will remind you of your goal, why it is important for you to reach and put in effort every single day towards reaching it so you can SUSTAIN MOTIVATION.

Step 3: Stoke the FIRE! Attitude and Environment. Choose a positive attitude and set up your environment so you are surrounded by people who support your goal and it makes it easy to take steps towards it, not tempt you away from it.

Until then, stay well, take care and get moving!

Christine xo


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