It is 2021 and we have been in a pandemic for over a year now. People are tired. Some are a bit cranky. Many are frustrated. Lots are feeling a lack of motivation and they are hoping it will magically show up when COVID disappears.

And who can blame you? We are all overwhelmed by COVID and the s#*t show that comes with it.

But I am here to tell you, exercising regularly, eating well, getting enough sleep and staying off of screens has nothing to do with motivation, at least it doesn’t for very long. Motivation is fleeting, these are long term habits that you do when you care about your future. When you care about you.

These habits are easy to maintain when you RAISE YOUR STANDARDS for yourself and have a grander vision of what your future could look like.

If you aren’t taking care of yourself in a way that you know is good for you it’s not that you are unmotivated, you have just lost sight of that future vision.

So how do you stay motivated when you watch the news and want to cry or scream or throw things? How do you get energized to workout when you would rather curl up in a ball and hide until it’s all over?

I’ll tell you how you do it. You don’t rely on motivation at all, you visualize your future self. You visualize the one you will become if you don’t take care of yourself and then you visualize the one you will become if you do. If you like one vision better than another, you start taking ACTION that will take you in that direction starting today.

Not tomorrow. Today.

Great health doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when you consistently show up for your workouts. When you choose foods that nourish your body, not just fill your belly. When you reach out and love and communicate and care for others. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year.

So, if you have lost your motivation, I encourage you to stop looking or waiting for it. Instead look inside and ask yourself what sort of future do you want? What condition does your body and mind have to be in in order to make that future a reality.

Start doing what you need to do to make that vision a reality. Start today.

Need help? Please reach out today. We are still available for online coaching sessions and in person athletic therapy sessions!

Stay well, take care…Christine


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