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Why You Need to Build Muscle

As the New Year is upon us I thought I would revisit the 5 Pillars of Health we follow here at the studio. Fads are fun, but if you don't have the foundation set, they are of no use. So, check out our 5 Pillars and prioritize those before you add something new. In...


Want to feel better, be smarter, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than exercise. As human beings we are meant to move every day, in a variety of different ways.  

Why Problems Are Not Your Problem

 Human beings are always waiting for that perfect time. Why? Maybe because we are genetically wired to seek comfort and avoid discomfort. The initial discomfort of actually getting started and doing the work can easily be avoided if the timing isn’t perfect right? 

Reverse Engineering Human Longevity – Part 1 – Eating for Longevity
Reverse Engineering Human Longevity – Part 1 – Eating for Longevity

And so, as I have been researching the latest science on nutrition for longevity, I have had to accept the fact that it’s a topic that just doesn’t have easy answers and I have, in fact, come away with more questions than answers. But my goal with nutrition is to always stay as educated as possible so that at least I know which questions to continue to ask! lol.

But I do have some suggestions for you that I have seen consistently in the literature, although there will be rebuttals to each one, I, as always, try to make sure that these suggestions will at best help you immensely and at the very least do no harm. Sound good?

So here goes! In order to maximize your health and life span here is what I suggest:

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