BUILD Muscle, LIVE Longer, STAY Fit

Are you getting out walking? I hope so. It is one of the best exercises for you and if you are physically able, it is something you should try to get out and do every day. One of the next most important exercises you should be doing regularly is resistance training....

Why You Need to Walk Outside If You are Stressed

Did you read last weeks blog? I hope you did. I got a LOT of feedback on it as it seems to have resonated with many of you. Which makes sense, it is a tough time for all of us and it’s important to know you aren’t alone in your struggles. I hope it...
Healthy Baked Oats – 4 ways

Healthy Baked Oats – 4 ways

Baked oats was a viral TIk Tok trend that I had to try and I hate to say it, but it did not disappoint. This recipe is healthy, easy and so delicious! I have included a base recipe that is delicious on its own and then three other options for you to try if you want...

There Is No Perfect Time To Start

Did you have high hopes for 2022? Were you starting to see the sun peaking out behind the clouds, as it were? I know I was. I had started to see more friends and family, with less apprehension. I was planning for a busy and exciting 2022 at the studio, full of...


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