Fanning the FLAME of Motivation

Fanning the FLAME of Motivation

It is Motivation May around here! I have decided to dedicate this months blog to motivation. I wrote about why we lose it here, how to spark it back up again here, and this week I am going to tell you how to fan the flames of motivation, or how to sustain motivation...

How to Light your Motivational SPARK

After over a year in the pandemic I get that it is sorely lacking in many of us, so today I wanted to backtrack a little bit and start at the beginning… Our first step is to understand motivations root, MOTIVE, which means a reason for action. It’s the why...

You Haven’t Lost Your Motivation…So Where is It?

It is 2021 and we have been in a pandemic for over a year now. People are tired. Some are a bit cranky. Many are frustrated. Lots are feeling a lack of motivation and they are hoping it will magically show up when COVID disappears. And who can blame you? We are all...


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