After over a year in the pandemic I get that it is sorely lacking in many of us, so today I wanted to backtrack a little bit and start at the beginning…

Our first step is to understand motivations root, MOTIVE, which means a reason for action. It’s the why we do something.

And so, step #1 is to realize that motivation is not an accident. It doesn’t just happen to the lucky few. It is a conscious commitment to a motive, a deeply held reason to act.

If you are unhappy with your health, or the state of your life or your home or your bank account, and you know you need to take action, you need to first find your reason to take action. What is it you want? To weigh less? To have more money? To have a nicer home? To have a better relationship or no relationship at all? Whatever it is, you need to delve deep and ask yourself why this goal is important to you (forget about anyone else in this situation…this has nothing to do with family or friends or society its about what you want). This why has to be powerful because it has to be strong enough to overcome all those obstacles, real and imagined, that are going to show up and distract you from your goal.

You want to get in shape? Why? What reason is strong enough that you will turn off the tv or turn on the alarm clock in order to make time for exercise to happen?

You want more money in your retirement fund? Why? What reason is strong enough that you will stop buying and start saving?

But there is more…

Many of us want more, we want better for ourselves, but we still don’t feel motivated. Why? Because despite the hope for more, we don’t believe it can happen. We lack expectancy.

You need an ambition but just as important, you need to believe you can achieve it. An ambition without a belief in yourself is ultimately self defeating. You’ve lost before you have even started.

On to Step #2, ensure your ambition is realistic and then have faith in your ability to achieve it. Visualize it, journal it, find an accountability partner or a coach. Do what you need to do to ensure you know you can achieve your goal
So to those of you who say, “I wish I was more motivated…” I say, “Do not wait for motivation. Choose an ambition and believe in your ability to find a way to make it happen. Then start heading towards it.”

Motivation follows action. It isn’t the other way around.

Ambition and expectancy are just the SPARKS you need to light the fire of motivation. The triathlete must do more than set a goal and believe in his/her ability to achieve it right? They need to take action and they need to take action day after day, week after week if they want to achieve their goal. And so, next week I am going to talk about the tricky part, how to fan the flames and SUSTAIN MOTIVATION.

Until then, stay well, take care and get moving!

Christine xo


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