It is Motivation May around here! I have decided to dedicate this months blog to motivation. I wrote about why we lose it here, how to spark it back up again here, and this week I am going to tell you how to fan the flames of motivation, or how to sustain motivation and keep it going.

As I said last week, AMBITION and EXPECTANCY, when combined, create the SPARK of motivation.

But there is an old proverb that I love, ‘when you pray, move your feet. It isn’t enough to want something, you have to move towards it.

The racer must first have the ambition to run the race, but they must also begin to train. They must sign up for the race, begin running, then run again and again and then again farther. They must move out of their comfort zone and work for the goal of crossing that real or imaginary finish line.

And so, the third and fourth keys to motivation are ATTENTION and EFFORT. Together they give the SPARK its oxygen and turn it into a FLAME.

If you have an ambition and you believe you can achieve it then the next step is to pay ATTENTION to it by doing things like journaling about it, telling your friends and families about it, hiring a coach to help you reach it, spending time each morning to visualize yourself reaching it. Not unlike a healthy marriage, the work isn’t done when you say ‘I do’, it’s just beginning You must pay attention to your partner if you want it to last long term.

And then, put in the EFFORT. Do the work. Do the work. Do the work.

Nothing keeps motivation alive more than consistent work towards your goal. So {First Name},what can you do this week to fan the flames of your motivation to move you one step closer to your happy place?

Next week will be the last in this three part series on Motivation, how to turn the flame of motivation into a FIRE!

Until then, stay well, take care and get moving! Christine xo


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