The Organ of Longevity

We use our muscles every day—from the top of our head to the tips of our toes if we are lucky—for the smallest and the biggest tasks. Muscles make up an impressive 45% of our body mass. But did you know that muscle is an endocrine organ and regulates metabolism? Did...
South West Tofu Scramble

South West Tofu Scramble

You may know that I am a bit obsessed with protein. I am very conscious to have a good amount of it in each of my meals. But I also don’t like the idea that it always has to be from meat so experiment every once in a while with vegan proteins like pea protein,...
Lemon Vanilla Protein Balls

Lemon Vanilla Protein Balls

Looking for a quick and healthy snack that will leave you satisfied for hours? Look no further! These healthy Lemon Vanilla Protein Balls are packed with good fats, healthy protein, lots of fibre and vitamin C rich lemon. These are the perfect no sugar added, no bake...

The Definitive Guide to Protein

Protein is an incredibly essential macronutrient. Fat is plentiful, even when you’re lean, and there are only two absolutely essential fatty acids; the rest we can manufacture from other precursors if required. Carbs we can produce from protein, if we really must, or...


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