You Don’t Own Your Health, You Rent It.

Last week I shared with you a formula that can be used to get a better understanding of why we tend to gain weight as we age….and our ‘metabolism’ was just one of many factors. I think, to date, that was the most popular post I’ve written. I...

Progress Needs Truth & Lies I’ve Told Myself

I often watch You Tube videos by this organizational psychologist named Benjamin Hardy, and he loves to quote people. Last week he quoted Dan Sullivan, a business coach. He said, “All progress starts by telling the truth.”I had to pause the video and...

Why Are We So Mean to Our Future Selves?

Because Our Brains Turn Our Future Selves Into a Stranger Do you have a task that you dislike doing so much that you have decided to outsource it to someone else? Cleaning your house for example? Or doing your taxes? Isn’t it a shame we can’t outsource our...

Why Problems Are Not Your Problem

Tony Robbins is famously quoted as saying, “Your biggest problem is that you think you shouldn’t have them.”He’s right. We shouldn’t be striving for a problem free life. A direct result of being alive is that we will have problems. So why not make it your mission in...


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