Because Our Brains Turn Our Future Selves Into a Stranger

Do you have a task that you dislike doing so much that you have decided to outsource it to someone else? Cleaning your house for example? Or doing your taxes? Isn’t it a shame we can’t outsource our health to someone else? Like someone to wake up early and do our workouts for us? Or someone to eat our broccoli for us? For those of you that are procrastinating on doing something about your health that you know you should be doing I have good news for you. There is someone you have probably already outsourced it to. Future You.

You may know you don’t want to get up early and workout tomorrow, but you know who will? Future you. The you that you will be on Monday, on January 1st, or on your next birthday will somehow be the kind of person who doesn’t mind getting up early, who is happy to work out, who probably won’t enjoy that piece of cake anyways so dieting won’t be a problem.


In order to be successful in the future, you need to realize that Future You is in fact you. You will probably like the same things, have the same level of love of mornings, have the same social desires. Don’t pretend that any of that will change. If you know you need to do something in order to be healthier, more prosperous, or happier then the time to do it is now.

xo Christine


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