Tony Robbins is famously quoted as saying, “Your biggest problem is that you think you shouldn’t have them.”

He’s right.

We shouldn’t be striving for a problem free life. A direct result of being alive is that we will have problems. So why not make it your mission in 2023 to not waste an iota of your precious mental energy dwelling on your problems. Identify them, and determine if they are in your control or outside of your control. If you have control, spend time on finding solutions. Out of your control? Forget about them. Human beings are always waiting for that perfect time. Why? Maybe because we are genetically wired to seek comfort and avoid discomfort. The initial discomfort of actually getting started and doing the work can easily be avoided if the timing isn’t perfect right? 

The problem is, this ALL or NOTHING idea rarely gets us ‘all’, and more often than not leaves us with – nothing. And what a waste that is. You never get to see even a glimpse of your potential if you never try. Here is the truth. There is no perfect moment. There never will be. I mean, some of us have been blessed with those perfect fitness moments when we have a bouncy new pair of sneakers, the sun is shining and our energy is high. Grab those moments and make the most of them. But the reality is, those are few and far between. More often than not, we are working to create those moments. Those moments when we actually are motivated to start. Let alone to keep going. The neat thing is, the more you work at creating those moments, the less work they become until eventually, you guessed it, they become habit. 

So trust me when I say, it isn’t just happening to you. This feeling of wanting to quit, or to not start. It is happening to everyone. But what is also true for everyone is that all you have to do is start. And by start, I mean INITIATING ACTION. Not only making a decision to start, actually starting. One foot. In front of the other foot. The magic next step? Repeat. 

If you have a health goal for 2023 I want you to stop what you are doing right now and in the next 10 minutes, do something that will take you one step closer to your goal. START. Remember, there is no perfect time. There is only now. Which I guess makes now, the perfect time. Want to become the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you?

You may also need to let go of the concept that you should be able to do this alone. Most of you know that consistent movement, healthy eating, quality sleep, a positive mindset and a supportive community are essential components of getting and staying healthy. Yet applying that knowledge is a challenge for many. I know you can start – and stay moving – on your own but it sure helps when someone gives you a push or a pull. If you haven’t been able to stay consistent with your healthy actions in the past maybe it is time to let a professional or a reliable friend help you apply that knowledge so you can, once and for all, get stronger, move better, reduce pain and improve your health in 2023. Ready, set, just GO!
Christine xo


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