September Rest

September Rest

There is something about September that makes many of us ready for a reset. It makes sense, after years of back to school preparation and the changing of the seasons. It is part of our psyche that September brings the end of one season (a fun, less responsible one for...

Why Are We So Mean to Our Future Selves?

Because Our Brains Turn Our Future Selves Into a Stranger Do you have a task that you dislike doing so much that you have decided to outsource it to someone else? Cleaning your house for example? Or doing your taxes? Isn’t it a shame we can’t outsource our...

Honour Your Future Self

I hope this finds you well. I want you to do me (and yourself) a favour and watch this 1 minute video with Jerry Seinfeld.In it you will see Jerry Seinfeld on the David Letterman show discuss this human plight of leaving our problems for our Future Selves to figure...


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