How to Be Harder to Kill

I was reading an article with this same title on it, “How to Be Harder to Kill” but this one was written by a special operator Captain in the US Army. Interestingly for him, being harder to kill came down to one main thing, being as strong as he can. His...

Can You Surrender?

Is all this talk of a second wave getting you nervous?  These are some nerve wracking times for sure but I think we are so much better prepared for whatever may come than we were back in March.  I know we are.  We now have more information than we had...
Our New Enhanced Protocols

Our New Enhanced Protocols

We thank you for your trust in us. Your safety and comfort have always been the highest priority and it is even more so now. We have enhanced and adopted many new procedures throughout Roseland Health & Fitness in order to keep you safe and allow you to get the...

Why I Wouldn’t Wear a Mask

You’ve probably seen in the news that masks are now mandatory in Burlington, as of tomorrow…it won’t be much of a shift for me as I have been wearing one indoors for a while now.  But…it wasn’t always that way.  When I first...


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