We thank you for your trust in us. Your safety and comfort have always been the highest priority and it is even more so now. We have enhanced and adopted many new procedures throughout Roseland Health & Fitness in order to keep you safe and allow you to get the most out of your time with us. Please note: as new information or bylaws come into place, these may change accordingly. As it stands now, we have made the following changes to our studio space:

Defined Zones, Separate Entrances and Social Distancing

We have divided our studio into 6 distinct zones.  Each of these zones is clearly demarcated on the floor with green tape.

The first two are reserved for entering and exiting and changing shoes etc. The other four are for working out.  

Each person, or bubbled groups of people, are allocated two full zones that are side by side.

Each zone is at least 12 feet x 12 feet large, meaning between the trainer and the member there is at least 300-400 square feet of dedicated space to move between.  Each zone is fully equipped and there is no sharing of equipment or workout space so there is no need to move into another members zones during your workout. 

Each zone also has a dedicated door to the outside so again, no need to cross over another members zone while they are working out to enter or leave the building.  As a bonus, this allows us the opportunity to take the workouts out of doors on nice days, or on all days should you request that!  

Staff are all required to maintain a minimum of 6 feet, ideally 10 from members at all times, unless they are providing treatments or facilitated stretch. In which situation both parties are required to wear a mask.

Increased Sanitization Protocols

We have always been clean, but boy oh boy, we are REALLY clean now! We bring in a professional cleaning service midweek along with cleaning throughout each day. Bathrooms and high touch surfaces such, as door handles, are cleaned constantly.

There are sanitizers at each entrance as well as in each zone. Prior to entering the studio, staff and members are all required to sanitize their hands. 

All equipment that we aren’t able to sanitize properly has been removed, such as bands, straps, soft blocks etc.

All hard surface equipment is pre-santized prior to a workout and will be sanitized again at the end of each workout using professional grade 70% alcohol solution or a hydrogen peroxide based hospital grade cleaner, prior to returning anything back to its place. The post workout sanitization, to clean all the equipment they have touched, is the responsibility of the member, this reduces the risk to our staff from coming into contact with equipment before it has been cleaned and allows our staff to maintain proper distance for the duration of the members visit. Ensuring the safety of everyone that they see afterwards.


As per they by-law, members who are exercising are not required to wear a mask, but they may do so should they choose!

The exception is if we are providing hands on treatments, facilitated stretching or any other treatment that doesn’t allow for social distance. In this situation, all parties are required to wear a mask.

Member Assessment

We always have been and continue to be open by appointment only allowing us to interview everyone that comes in to ensure they are not exhbiting any syptoms of COVID 19. Each member that comes in is required to sign in and vouch for their health each appointment.

Group Classes Have Moved Outdoors

Because our yoga studio space does not allow for adequate distancing, we only allow bubbled partners (two people) into our yoga studio with one instructor. We have moved all of our larger yoga classes into the great out of doors into private backyards. If you would like to host a class in your backyard or attend a backyard session let us know!

Your health and safety always has been and will continue to be of utmost important to us.

We strive to create an environment that is safe and welcoming and we hope you feel that the second you walk through our doors.  If you are not currently a member but are interested in finding out more please give us a call or send us an email to book a tour.  We would be honoured to help you too reach your health and wellness goal


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