Our Pursuit of Comfort Is Killing Us

Did you read last weeks blog, It’s a Battle of the Bicep, Not the Belly? It was all about the importance of focusing on gain and not loss. At a certain stage in life we need to focus on gaining muscle and not losing weight. We need to focus on gaining...

The 12-3-2-1-0 sleep rule: the basics

The 12-3-2-1-0 sleep rule is designed as an easy-to-remember formula to provide structure to your bedtime routine and implement some positive sleep hygiene habits. This particular rule is a favorite of sleep experts, and pops up on social media on a fairly regular...

Future Self Empathy

Have you heard of ‘doomsday preppers”? If not, simply put, it’s a group of people who are preparing for doomsday, a catastrophic event or disaster of some sort. They are ready for the worst case scenario. Stereotypically they stockpile food, water...

Why You Need to Build Muscle

As the New Year is upon us I thought I would revisit the 5 Pillars of Health we follow here at the studio. Fads are fun, but if you don’t have the foundation set, they are of no use. So, check out our 5 Pillars and prioritize those before you add something new....


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