Control Your Controllables

I can’t believe how much feedback I had about last weeks newsletter. It was all about you being the one who can choose how you spend your time and who you choose to spend it with. Apparently that resonated with a whole lot of you. I think the message...

You Haven’t Lost Your Motivation…So Where is It?

It is 2021 and we have been in a pandemic for over a year now. People are tired. Some are a bit cranky. Many are frustrated. Lots are feeling a lack of motivation and they are hoping it will magically show up when COVID disappears. And who can blame you? We are all...

The Four Secrets to Long Term Happiness

Is anyone else finding it hard to stay motivated and happy when the days are grey and short, when we are now in lockdown 2.0, where we can’t see our friends or our family, where watching the news is a more scary and depressing than usual?Well, I can only speak...


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