October Challenge

October Challenge

This is a win win win win win challenge and the rules are easy. Win #1 – Donate a minimum of $25 and 50% of your donation immediately goes towards buying Thanksgiving dinner for needy families. Win # 2 – The other 50% goes towards purchasing gifts or gift cards from...

How to Use Our Brain to Get Weight Loss Success

I acknowledge this is very simplistic so for those of you that understand the workings of the brain, my apologies.  I am going to explain it in a way that makes sense to a lay person, like me.  This level of understanding has helped me a lot over the years...

Resistance Training and Fat Loss

Last week I wrote about a landmark study that reveals the truth of an aging metabolism…and it wasn’t what most of us expected. For those of us that have gained weight over the years and blamed it on the inevitability of a slowing metabolism due to aging it...

The Truth About Middle Age Spread

Middle aged spread. It’s a real thing. Most of us gain weight year after year and blame it on a slowing metabolism. We wax nostalgic about the days we could eat anything and not gain a pound. Those were days right??According to a landmark study published last...

How to Achieve Metabolic Flexibility

Being flexible comes in handy in all sorts of situations. Your favourite gym is shut down due to a government wide lockdown? Go online with their incredible trainers until you can see them in person again. Took a wrong turn while driving? Simply find another route....


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