This is a win win win win win challenge and the rules are easy.

Win #1 – Donate a minimum of $25 and 50% of your donation immediately goes towards buying Thanksgiving dinner for needy families.

Win # 2 – The other 50% goes towards purchasing gifts or gift cards from local businesses who we know need all the help they can get.

Win # 3 – You get entered for a chance to win one or some of these prizes, minimum value $25.

Win # 4 – You receive a card full of Healthy Habit challenges, and you accumulate points for completing daily challenges, like taking 7000 steps, eliminating sugar for the day, paying it forward, practicing gratitude, drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of water and more.

Win #5 – You get healthier by paying attention and being accountable to some baseline healthy habits that we should all be doing.

The rules? You get your card to fill out, you fill it out and email it back to us weekly, with a weekly reflection of your habits. We get the card, accumulate your points and enter you in the draw for every 25 points you receive. You only get entered in the draw if you include your reflection!

What kind of challenges are on the card?

The card has been divided into six columns. There is a column that has challenges that require you to MOVE, such as a point for every day you do 30 minutes of cardio or another for 15 minutes of stretching. There is a column dedicated to challenging you to eat better, doing things like limiting your alcohol during the week or eliminating your sugar intake. Next we have a column for a positive MINDSET where we challenge you to do things that keep you positive such as staying off social media for 24 hours or decluttering a space. There are also columns for getting SUNSHINE, getting enough SLEEP and for HYDRATION.

How do you win the gift card?

There is only one requirement…you have to donate $25. After that you get reentered in the draw for every 25 points you accumulate. We are also going to send you weekly bonus challenges worth extra points!!

So are you ready?? Drop us a line via email or phone and let us know you are ready to join our OCTOBER CHALLENGE!!


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