How to Be Harder to Kill

Do you ever take time to reassess? A lot of us save that for New Years or perhaps a ‘big’ birthday, or even every September for some… I see great value in reassessing where we are and what we have been doing, and when I reassess I often think about...

Why Are We So Mean to Our Future Selves?

Because Our Brains Turn Our Future Selves Into a Stranger Do you have a task that you dislike doing so much that you have decided to outsource it to someone else? Cleaning your house for example? Or doing your taxes? Isn’t it a shame we can’t outsource our...

How To Improve Health Span

I always look at the open rate of my emails to see which subject lines resonates most with people. Recently I sent out one with the subject line “Shut Your Mouth and Live Longer” and it had a dramatically larger open rate than a lot of them, which either makes me...

Future Self Empathy

Have you heard of ‘doomsday preppers”? If not, simply put, it’s a group of people who are preparing for doomsday, a catastrophic event or disaster of some sort. They are ready for the worst case scenario. Stereotypically they stockpile food, water...


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