Why Problems Are Not Your Problem

Tony Robbins is famously quoted as saying, “Your biggest problem is that you think you shouldn’t have them.”He’s right. We shouldn’t be striving for a problem free life. A direct result of being alive is that we will have problems. So why not make it your mission in...

Why I Wouldn’t Wear a Mask

You’ve probably seen in the news that masks are now mandatory in Burlington, as of tomorrow…it won’t be much of a shift for me as I have been wearing one indoors for a while now.  But…it wasn’t always that way.  When I first...
Chia Pudding Master Guide

Chia Pudding Master Guide

Think of this overnight gluten free, paleo and keto chia pudding as an ideal way to kickstart your day: a true nutritional powerhouse, plus a meal prepping dream! Chia seeds are awesome. They contain large amounts of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of high...

You are NOT the Average

You have probably heard the quote by Jim Rohn, that “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.”   You may have also heard the saying, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in...


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