The Organ of Longevity

We use our muscles every day—from the top of our head to the tips of our toes if we are lucky—for the smallest and the biggest tasks. Muscles make up an impressive 45% of our body mass. But did you know that muscle is an endocrine organ and regulates metabolism? Did...

Diet or Exercise?

I just watched a Youtube entitled Diet vs Exercise: Should you prioritize one over the other? . The two experts in the video were obviously proponents of each and so the question was purely hypothetical, but it was an interesting question. I’d like to...

7 Primal Movement Patterns

Exercise for life…not for looks.  There are three simple tenets to our consistent movement recommendation. Move frequently at a slow pace.Move quickly sometimes.Lift heavy things. Move Frequently at a Slow Pace Slow movement is at the foundation of fitness. ...
Healthy Habits Bingo Challenge

Healthy Habits Bingo Challenge

This is a win win win win win challenge and the rules are easy. You donate money in order to receive your bingo card full of healthy habit challenges. Immediately 50% of that donation is allocated to purchasing food for the Burlington Food Bank. The other 50% is...
Why You Should Exercise Every Day

Why You Should Exercise Every Day

The number on the scale isn’t the only reason to exercise. If you are only exercising for weight loss, chances are you won’t stick with your workout regimen. I’m a personal trainer, and I always tell my clients that there are plenty of reasons to exercise,...


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