This is a win win win win win challenge and the rules are easy. You donate money in order to receive your bingo card full of healthy habit challenges. Immediately 50% of that donation is allocated to purchasing food for the Burlington Food Bank. The other 50% is allocated to purchasing gift cards for a local restaurant that you then have a chance to win at the end of the challenge.

Win #1 – Donate a minimum of $20 and 50% of your donation immediately goes towards buying food for the
Burlington Food Bank.

Win # 2 – The other 50% goes towards purchasing gift cards for a local restaurant who we know need all the help
they can get.

Win # 3 – You get entered for a chance to win one or some of these gift cards, minimum value $20.

Win # 4 – You receive a BINGO card full of Healthy Habit challenges, and you accumulate points for every time you complete a challenge, like 30 minutes of exercise, eliminating sugar for the day, paying it forward, decluttering a space, 15 minutes of stretching or meditation etc.

Every time you get 10 points you get reentered into the draw!

What kind of challenges are on the card?

The BINGO card has been divided into five columns, one for each of our Five Pillars of Health. There is a column that has challenges that require you to MOVE, such as a point for every day you do 30 minutes of cardio or another for 15 minutes of stretching. There is a column dedicated to challenging you to eat better, doing things like limiting your alcohol during the week or eliminating your sugar intake. Next we have a column for a positive MINDSET where we challenge you to do things that keep you positive such as staying off social media for 24 hours or decluttering a space. The COMMUNITY one is great too. In that column we challenge you to do things like volunteering or paying it forward. Lastly we have a column for SLEEP where we challenge you to make your bedroom an oasis for good sleep or to eliminate screens an hour before bed.

You don’t have to do it all but we encourage you to look at each column and pick the ones that you think will challenge you. We give you points for everything you do, but we are also going to give you extra points if you try to complete all the challenges in a specific column, just like BINGO!

How do you win the gift card?

There is only one requirement…you have to donate $20. After that you have a multitude of options to be reentered into the draw.

For every additional $20 you donate you are immediately entered into our draw.

For every 10 points you earn you are reentered into the draw again.

Every time you complete 5 squares in a row (straight down or diagonal) you are reentered.

Every time you take a picture of yourself completing a challenge square and you post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us you will be reentered into the draw again.

How much is the gift card prize valued at?

Each gift card will have a minimum value of $20 but you may win more than one, depending on how many times you enter the draw!

But I don’t come into the studio. How do I pay or participate?

While we appreciate the donations coming in cash we will accept etransfers if you aren’t coming in. We will tally up the points weekly and just need you to send us a picture of your BINGO sheet by the end of the week, ideally with a picture or a story to go with some of your challenges completed!


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