The last quarter of 2023 has arrived and it is an amazing time to reset and restart. While we are in that phase I thought I would bring up a shift I have made to my workouts that have been really helpful for me in this stage of life.

I used to think my workouts didn’t count unless I left feeling completely spent and it was for at least an hour. The problem was, the older I got the more I started to feel the after effects of those workouts. It was actually through covid that I started to slow down, focus on shorter workouts and heavier weights and I noticed that my body was happier and shock of all shocks, I wasn’t gaining weight (I was afraid if my intensity went down this would naturally happen!).

Now I know better and have found that consistent resistance training and HIIT workouts are way more effective for this stage of life. And I love my daily walks.

And so, I have stopped doing workouts that:
1) Leave me feeling totally spent in the end.
2) Leave me feeling inflamed and sore the next day or so.
3) I push through even when I am running on empty, (That doesn’t mean I don’t show up, I usually just take longer breaks. Or I adapt and do a gentler workout if need be.)
4) I don’t like. This doesn’t mean they don’t challenge me, it just means I like them!

But I have started doing the following things more consistently:
1) Lifting weights 3-4x per week. Consistency matters.
2) Gradually increasing the weight that I lift. I want to make sure the last 2 reps are hard but the weight isn’t so heavy I sacrifice form and increase risk of injury.
3) Consume more protein to build and maintain my muscles. This is essential for muscle growth and repair so I try to get 20-30 grams per meal. The only meal that I give myself grace on this is lunch, my breakfast and dinner will always have this much.
4) Reduce reps to the 8-10 rep range so the weight is heavy enough to build muscle and preserve bone density.
What I have always done and highly suggest everyone does, is schedule in my workouts and at the very least, have a high level plan of what I am working on.

Recovery slows down with age and so you have to adapt to make sure your workouts are not doing more harm than good. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or feel exhausted to get results.

xo Christine

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