There is no medicine out there that is as impactful at reducing your risk of death as exercise. And what’s even more amazing is that there is no down regulation like there is with other drugs.

By down regulation, I simply mean, become less sensitive. A perfect example of down regulation that most of you are going to be familiar with is coffee. The first time you have coffee you might feel a bit jittery. But the next time and definitely the time after that you won’t feel that same boost of energy. Your body has adapted and become less sensitive to the drug of caffeine. Just like it does to antidepressants, sleeping pills and many other medications. Your body learns to adapt and the drug becomes less effective over time.

That does not happen with exercise. In fact, the opposite happens. The longer you do it, the better you get at it, and the better it gets for you. Exercise actually improves over time. It does not lose its efficacy, if it is done properly.

Amazing right?

I thought so too.

So, if you are interested in not dying of some debilitating, non contagious disease, what form of exercise should you be doing? Let’s ask the experts…

According to this study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, strength training reduces your risk of cardio vascular disease, cancer, diabetes and all cause mortality more than any other form of exercise. According to this study out of Australia, the maximum risk reduction (up to 20%) was when individuals did 30-60 minutes per week of muscle strengthening activity, and when muscle strengthening was combined with aerobic activity the results were even better.

There is no other medication out there that does that. Strength training is much more effective than the most effective drug or nutrition intervention. And, as I said above, the improvements get better the longer you do it.

Soooo, if you haven’t already, it’s time to put down the (fill in the blank with whatever fills your free time) and pick up the weights. Your life literally depends on it.

Already on the resistance training bandwagon? Good for you. Keep it up!

Christine xo


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