Want to become a runner? Not sure where to begin? This beginner run program will help you learn to run in just 30 minutes a day. Each week includes four days of workouts, and each workout takes roughly 30-38 minutes to complete. By the final week of the program, you’ll be running 30 minutes straight. 

This program consists of 12 stages of training. Repeat each workout at least three or four times in a week before moving on to the next stage. You can complete each stage in a week. Or you can stay in a stage for two or three weeks until you’re ready to move on. Advance at a pace that feels comfortable to you. The most important thing is that you remain consistent, working out three or four times a week. The repetition is what will make walking –and eventually running–feel easier. Over a period of weeks and months, you’ll develop more leg and lung power, and you’ll even gain more mental endurance. The first week you’re going to focus on walking nonstop for 30 minutes. Do not move on until you can comfortably walk for 30 minutes three or four times per week. 

Tip!  Don’t worry about how fast you’re walking or how far you go. Just move at a pace you are comfortable with and can easily maintain a conversation

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Rest Days: You should have three or four rest days per week but you can walk if you like, or you can take it easy to save your energy for tomorrow. Even if you take the day off, you shouldn’t be completely sedentary. Be as active as you can. But you can develop whatever routine works best for you. Walk on the days when you have enough time to get out the door and get back home without feeling rushed. Well-timed rest days help muscles adapt to the stresses of training, and help prevent injuries.

Cross Training:  In order to improve your performance while you are running and prevent injury you should have a well balanced cross training program that includes resistance training and stretching.  Talk with your trainer about balancing your running workouts with resistance and mobility training. 

Breathing: Don’t forget to breathe. It’s easy to inadvertently hold your breath, which can make the workout feel much more difficult. Deep breathing can help you run longer with less effort. Every time you breathe in, your belly should fill up like a balloon. Every time you breathe out, that balloon should deflate. Work on belly breathing when you’re walking or doing everyday tasks. Eventually it will feel more natural and carry over into your running. 

When to Run: Many people find that working out first thing in the morning is easiest, to avoid conflicts with other work and family commitments. If you take care of yourself first by getting your workout in, you’ll be much better able to take care of everyone–and everything else–in your life. Once you’ve decided when you will run, make a schedule and stick with it.  Take a little time each evening to plan when you’ll walk or run the next day, or the day after that. You shouldn’t go more than a day without a workout—if the gap increases to two or three days or longer, you’ll in essence be starting over each time you get out the door. W

Nutrition Plan: Do not skip meals and make sure you are well hydrated prior to heading out on your run.  Everyone is a little different and how much you eat and when you eat is dependent on when you run and how quickly you digest.  But as a general rule,  a piece of fruit, like a banana, 20-30 minutes before a run will digest quickly enough for you to not cramp.  If you eat a full meal you should allow for at  least 2 hours for it to digest.

Have fun:  The most important part is to enjoy yourself!  You are doing something amazing for your body so find a way to enjoy it.  This might mean inviting a friend along for your journey, downloading your favourite podcast to listen to while you are out or just enjoying the peace and quiet of being out on your own.

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