Do you find yourself riding a roller coaster ride of highs and lows sometimes? Do you have energy, only to then hit a wall an hour or so later? Do you then find yourself in the kitchen looking for something, anything? You may have a problem with imbalanced blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar is not good. Overly low blood sugar is not good either. Personally, I like the goldilocks zone of blood sugars, just right.

I achieve that personally by focusing on three different nutrients at each of my meals. Rarely would I have a meal that doesn’t have all three, and even then, it will usually have two of the three.

Protein, fibre and fat. This is the magical trifecta to help you feel full and satisfied and to stabilize blood sugar levels. Choose lean proteins, fruits and vegetables for fibre and avocado, nuts, seeds, and olive oil for healthy fats.

  • Protein: 25% of my plate is usually filled with some form of healthy protein like chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt, protein powder. If we are going vegetarian it would be tofu, tempeh or protein packed grains like teff or quinoa.
  • Plant based fibre: 99% of my meals have vegetables or fruits in them and if we are talking vegetables, it usually takes up most of my plate!
  • Healthy fats: my meals always have some kind of healthy fat in them. For breakfast it is usually avocado or some type of nut or nut butter. Other options include olive oil, coconut oil, or certain foods like salmon, sardines or eggs that have a good amount of fat in them to be satiating.

The beauty of eating this way is that my food digests slowly which means I stay full for hours and my blood sugar stays stable. This means my energy lasts and I am able to go longer between meals and can make good food decisions since I am not starving by the time it comes to eat next!

Next time you are thinking about a meal, take a look and see if it has the magical trifecta in it!


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