Walking is one of the best forms of exercise out there. Our bodies were designed to walk, and for long distances. The beauty of walking is that it is available to everyone and has the benefit of lowering your blood pressure, increasing your bone density and once you pass the threshold of 4,500 steps a day can improve your longevity and make you more able to burn body fat.

I have designed this 30 Day Walking Challenge and made it suitable to all levels of walkers. If you are just getting off the couch after a couple of years of COVID hibernation start with DAY 1 and just take it at your own pace. If adding 500 steps seems too much, then stay where you are until you feel ready to progress. But remember, great things happen when you reach 4,500 so try to get there!

If you are an intermediate walker (you can walk 3 km at a time), start at DAY 10 (5,000 steps) and progress from there. Once you hit 10,000 steps stick with continuing that daily as your challenge.

if you are an advanced walker (you can walk 5 km at a time), start at DAY 22 and progress from there. Don’t want a phased in approach? Then don’t let me hold you back! Start at 10,000 steps a day and stick with it!


DAY 12000 stepsYou can do it all at once or divide it out into 4 separate walks.
DAY 22500 stepsAdd 500 steps.
DAY 33000 stepsAdd 500 steps.
DAY 43500 stepsAdd 500 steps.
DAY 54000 stepsAdd 500 steps.
DAY 64500 stepsAdd 500 steps. CONGRATULATIONS! You have reached the threshold where you will dramatically increase your health if you keep up 4500 steps every day.
DAY 7REST DAY! Enjoy it. You deserve a rest day.
DAY 84500 steps
DAY 95000 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 105000 steps
DAY 115500 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 125500 steps
DAY 136000 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 156000 steps
DAY 166500 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 176500 steps
DAY 187000 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 197000
DAY 207500 stepsAdd 500 steps Congratulations! You have reached another threshold! Some studies show the benefits of walking start to plateau after 7500 steps.
DAY 21REST DAY! Now that you have been exercising regularly a rest day might mean you do some core or upper body work but just rest your legs.
DAY 227500 steps
DAY 238000
Add 500 steps
DAY 248000 steps
DAY 258500 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 269000 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 279500 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 28REST DAY!! Get ready! Tomorrow you will be doing 10,000 steps!
DAY 2910,000 stepsAdd 500 steps
DAY 3010,000 stepsCONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it. Now keep going… 🙂


  • 500 steps = approximately 5 minutes of walking, which equates to just under half a kilometre
  • 1000 steps = approximately 10 minutes of walking, which equates to about 1 kilometre
  • 10,000 steps = approximately 8 kilometres

Want a printable chart you can fill in? Download it here!

Happy walking everyone and don’t forget to stretch!! Not sure what to stretch. I have the answer right here with a five minute, after walk, stretch routine.

Can your walking be done on a treadmill? Absolutely, but I am going to encourage you to take it outside as much as possible…and I have a very good reason for that. There is something that happens to your brain when you walk outside, it shifts you into a state of relaxation that doesn’t happen when you are indoors. You can read more about it here.

xo Christine


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