We know you’re eager to get back on our massage table! Our new safety protocols will ensure that when you enter our studio, you feel both safe and relaxed.

Booking Information

You are able to book a Registered Massage Therapy treatment over the phone or via email but we are restricting the use of online bookings at this time due to the fact we are operating at a lesser capacity and are scheduling to ensure physical distancing and sanitization protocols can easily be maintained.

Our Commitment To You 

We’ve enhanced our cleaning practices to ensure all high traffic areas and fixtures are disinfected constantly. Our Registered Massage Therapist will be accessing the self-screening tool before coming into work, and will be wearing a protective face masks and will sanitize thoroughly between clients.

We will be staggering appointments, and disinfecting the room thoroughly between clients – all surfaces, and any fixture a client may come in contact with. We’ve increased the time between each appointment to ensure there is enough time to deep clean and prepare the room.

We will ensure our staff and members adhere to physical distancing wherever possible.

Our Request of You

  1. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you visit Ontarios Online COVID-19 Screening Tool . If you’re given the all clear, we welcome you to attend your appointment as planned. If you’re unsure about any of your answers, or the tool recommends that you should get tested – please call us to reschedule. We will not be charging any cancellation fees at the time.
  2. Please bring a face mask to wear in the common areas, and during the face-up portion of your massage treatment. 
  3. We ask that you arrive only 10 minutes prior to your appointment, entering through the front door. This entrance will be regulated to prevent any congestion. If you arrive earlier, we ask that you wait in your car until it is closer to your appointment. 
  4. Do not bring any guests with you to wait in the common area during your appointment. We ask that you come for your appointment alone if possible. Guests will not be able to stay in the waiting area for an extended period of time.
  5. You will need to use our hand sanitizer station immediately upon entering the building and we suggest you do it prior to leaving as well.
  6. You’ll be asked to bring your coat and shoes with you into the treatment room.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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