In these uncertain times a lot of us are left wondering what the right thing to do is.  You are seeing some people say that this is all overkill while others are fearing for their life.  The fact is, there are a lot of unknowns.  But what is irrefutable is that cold and flu season is coming and we should do whatever we can to ensure we stay healthy.  Agreed??

While there is no magic solution that will promise you a healthy, working immune system, eating the right foods, with the right balance, drinking plenty of water, moving your body regularly, sleeping sufficiently and reducing your stress – will ensure your immune system is working to its best ability. Viruses, germs and illness will always be a part of our world, but by living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods, we are helping our immune system, building the right ‘terrain’ and creating the defense against potential threats, such as the corona virus.

Germ theory vs terrain theory

The ‘germ theory’ vs ‘terrain theory’ is basically the argument that germs are what we need to worry about and we need to keep finding ways to kill them off. Terrain theory argues that if the body is well and balanced then germs that are a natural part of life and the environment will be dealt with by the body without causing sickness.

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” – Antoine Béchamp

Both theories are, in fact, important.  It is important that we have medicines to help us combat invading microbes if our bodies do not have a strong enough immune system to deal with them naturally and taking precautions to protect yourself from catching the latest sickness like the Corona virus is important such as frequent hand washing and avoiding large crowds.  

But, should we be exposed to a virus or bacteria, which we inevitably will be, it is essential that you make your body as inhospitable a terrain for that invading organism as possible.  Make sure they know they are not welcome… 🙁

While I will of course wash my hands and wear a mask when I need to, I am a big believer of the Terrain Theory and now more than ever feel that I need to get my ‘house’ in order to make it as inhospitable as possible to all viruses. 

Like I said last week in my newsletter, my goal is to raise my health grade back up to an A+.  I really, really hope you all will as well.  We are so lucky to be living in a country where the risk is less but it is still real and I want us to stick together  and commit to taking the reins when it comes to our health and doing everything we can do to fight this virus, from the inside out.

Are you with me???  I challenge YOU, to commit to taking at least one new action to raise your health grade and make your terrain less hospitable to all viruses. Let’s come together as a community and have our healthiest fall yet.

If you want to see what I am doing, check out my blog on my top 7 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Naturally!


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