We are in week 6 of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Are any of you starting to feel like a victim yet?  Are you feeling powerless?  Unsure?  Anxious? Apathetic?

If that’s you, I have two tips for you today.

Tip #1:  Get good at controlling your controllables.  What in your life is in your control?  Spend your precious energy on those things, not on things that are out of your control.  You will go crazy otherwise!

Tip #2:  Do things, that are within your control, that make you feel BETTER.  One of the things I love to do when I am feeling anxious or powerless is to adopt what are called POWER POSES.  

Wonder woman knows exactly what I am talking about.  

So does Oprah…

And so does Team Hoyt…

When people feel powerful, they adopt positions of power.  The common feature of positions of power?  They cause you to appear bigger and to take up more space.  Your hands go up in the air, your chest puffs up, your chin lifts…

The coolest thing about power poses is that when you adopt them, science has shown that your power hormone, testosterone goes up and your stress hormone, cortisol, goes down.

In other words, you are able to take control of a situation and you don’t get stressed out doing it.  Nice.

The other cool thing is you don’t have to be Superwoman, or Oprah or have just finished an Ironman in order to get the benefit of these power poses.

Studies have shown that if you adopt these positions, irregardless of your age or gender or current emotional state, you too can reap the rewards.

So the next time you feel powerless, disengaged, anxious or apathetic try adopting a position of power and hold it for 2 minutes.  You too will become more powerful and less stressed and you will have the smile to prove it!


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