As a personal trainer and gym owner I always get side ways looks when I’m at a party or gathering of people who don’t know me but find out what I do… They look at me apologetically when they eat the dessert or go for seconds on their dinner.

The thing is, I don’t care. That sounds harsh but what I mean is that I don’t care what you eat or drink or how much you do or don’t exercise…what I really care about is are you happy? Do you feel good?

I am in love with what I do and all the incredible people I get to spend my days with simply because what I hope I am doing is making people feel better.

I would be horrified if my clients felt guilty every time they saw me because they weren’t perfect between our visits. If they couldn’t meet my gaze because they gained five pounds over the holidays. If they had to lie about how much water they drank and wine they didn’t.

If I encourage you to lose weight, it’s not because I care how you look in your leggings, it might be because your joints are hurting and I know your knees will thank you for it. It definitely won’t be because I want you to look good in a bathing suit, but it might be because I am worried that you are out of breath climbing the stairs and I know that you are limited in how much you can participate in life because of that.

If I tell you to eat more protein, it isn’t because I want you to go low carb and lose body fat, it will be because I know how important it is to maintain your muscle mass as you age.

If I ask you to do more cardio, it won’t be because I think it will help you lose weight, it will be because I am concerned about your anxiety or depression and I know that cardio helps stimulate hormones in your brain that help with that.

And I know I am not alone. Most trainers are not obsessed with your BMI (though admittedly some are), or how lean they can get you. They just want you to be happy and healthy and to wake up every day feeling as good as you possibly can.


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