It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am wondering… Did you eat some yummy turkey?  Did you drink some wine?  Did you eat the pie?  Did you go back for more?  

Whatever you did I hope you had a wonderful long weekend, enjoyed every minute of it. I also hope you are ready and raring to get back on track and and to keep striving to become a fitter, healthier, more vibrant version of you that you know you can be!  

If you are feeling ill, or bloated or have gained back some of the weight you have lost, the way I see it, you’ve only got one choice.  Get back on track as quickly as possible.

Not sure where to start? Why don’t you start with these first four steps:

1) Ditch the guilt or remorse or whatever you may be feeling.  You indulged.  That’s OKAY.  Feeling guilty or regret filled is wasted energy. What’s the point?  Spend that emotional energy planning your healthy meals for this week!

2) Compost the extra junk food.  If there is extra food around the house from this weekend that is unhealthy and just sitting around tempting you, then dump it. Don’t sell yourself on the excuse that it is a waste. The only way you could have prevented it from becoming waste is if you didn’t buy it in the first place. But you have it now, and you my friend are not a garbage can.  If that food won’t take you in a positive direction then send it to the compost.   

3) Review or reset your goals.  Remind yourself why you have been eating healthy and exercising in the first place and get back to the habits that will get you there.  

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with overindulging once in a while.  It can give you clarity on your goals.  It can also be reminder of how good your body feels when you’re eating right for your body compared to when you don’t eat right for your body.   

4) Eat your favorite healthy meal and do your favorite workout. You’re only one healthy meal and one workout away from getting back on track.  If you need the extra incentive, why not cook your favorite healthy meal and do your favorite workout!  Whether that be walking, dancing or lifting weights it doesn’t matter. Just get those feel good hormones pumping! 

If you overindulged over the long holiday week-end, chances are the “damage” is not as bad as you think.  You might find you weigh more than usual, but that doesn’t mean you gained fat.  What likely happened is you ate a lot of carbs.  When that happens you retain more water.  Give it a few days of back to regular eating and you’ll be right back on track.
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