Are you looking for healthy weight loss that is actually sustainable ?
Yes? Then I’m talking to you…

Typically we start the summer off strong, exercising, eating well, feeling lean…and then somewhere in August we decide we “just want to enjoy the rest of the summer” and we “will get back on track in the fall.”

Sound familiar?

Great in theory, fun while it lasts, but come September when you are feeling bloated and lethargic it does’t feel so good in practice.

That is exactly why we run our SLIM DOWN MUSCLE UP challenge the second week of September…to help you get back into a healthy routine, to kick start new habits, and have you feeling energized, healthy and better than you’ve felt in potentially a long, long time. And to get you healthy
weight loss that is actually sustainable.
Are you ready to tackle all of your get-healthy, be stronger, love-your-body goals this September??


Our exclusive group program starts in two weeks and has PROVEN RESULTS…proven to have you kick starting your metabolism, increasing your muscle mass, decreasing your body fat, and improving your mindset in 6 weeks!
Join our exclusive SLIM DOWN MUSCLE UP Challenge
The Challenge starts on September 15th with a Kick off Meeting at 1:00pm. (If you can’t make the meeting and you are a first time challenger we will find a different time to meet that works for you.)

At the Kick Off you will:
*get your Slim Down Muscle Up ebook.
*get all your questions about how the 6 week challenge works answered
*get a customized challenge eating plan, designed just for you so you can meet your personal goals.

Your investment gives you:
*A 50+ page ebook loaded with everything you need to complete the challenge and have incredible results! Including self assessments, meal plans, recipes, coaching tools and much, much more!
*Unlimited coaching support.
*Weekly weigh in and measures.
*Weekly optional group meetings on Sundays at 1:00 pm, additional meetings may be added based on attendance.

Throughout the 6 Week Challenge you will learn:
*the right way to eat for your body.
*about the 5 Pillars of Sustained Weight Loss.
*about the best way to eat for sustainable weight loss and get a fully customized plan designed JUST FOR YOU.
*what the best exercises are for accelerated fat loss.
*the latest in mindset coaching essential for achieving long lasting result.

If you are ready to make change and have healthy weight loss then sign
up today.

Still have questions or concerns? Give us a call or email back and we will talk you through it.

$149 for members ($199 for non-members)

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