Control Your Controllables

I can’t believe how much feedback I had about last weeks newsletter. It was all about you being the one who can choose how you spend your time and who you choose to spend it with. Apparently that resonated with a whole lot of you. I think the message...

Stress, Sleep and Recovery

You won’t want to sleep on this. Or perhaps you do. 2021 saw a record of adults worldwide experiencing HIGH amounts of stress and it is estimated that 20% of the worlds population is sleep deprived. Unequivocally we know that lack of sleep wreaks havoc on every...

When is Stress a Good Thing

I listened to a few great podcasts this week, one about the negative effects of stress on our body and the other about when stress is good. What was interesting about these two podcasts was that they were both talking about stress but they were saying the EXACT...


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