Mediterranean Baked White Fish

Mediterranean Baked White Fish

My kids will be the first to tell you they don’t like white fish but when I served this the other night they couldn’t get enough of it. This baked fish is seasoned with garlic and oregano and is topped with a colourful mix of cherry red tomatoes, olives...

Start With Your Core First

if any part of you is assessing or reassessing your exercise plan. Your first step is a simple one. If you are about to start a new exercise program or you are well entrenched in your routine I want to reinforce the importance of starting with your core.The dictionary...

6 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Naturally

I don’t even have to ask the question…I know all of you know someone that is simply genetically blessed. They don’t exercise, they don’t watch what they eat but they always look great. Then there is the person that just has to take a day off,...


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