6 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Naturally

I don’t even have to ask the question…I know all of you know someone that is simply genetically blessed. They don’t exercise, they don’t watch what they eat but they always look great. Then there is the person that just has to take a day off,...

Exercises to Stop Doing

The last quarter of 2023 has arrived and it is an amazing time to reset and restart. While we are in that phase I thought I would bring up a shift I have made to my workouts that have been really helpful for me in this stage of life.I used to think my workouts...

Progress Needs Truth & Lies I’ve Told Myself

I often watch You Tube videos by this organizational psychologist named Benjamin Hardy, and he loves to quote people. Last week he quoted Dan Sullivan, a business coach. He said, “All progress starts by telling the truth.”I had to pause the video and...

The BEST time to do EVERYTHING!

If you’ve decided to make some changes then you may also want to consider when you are going to implement them. Believe it or not there’s an optimum time of day to complete so many of our daily activities. A lot of it has to with taking advantage of your...
September Rest

September Rest

There is something about September that makes many of us ready for a reset. It makes sense, after years of back to school preparation and the changing of the seasons. It is part of our psyche that September brings the end of one season (a fun, less responsible one for...


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