How Not to Die…And How to Live Really Well

How Not to Die…And How to Live Really Well

There is no medicine out there that is as impactful at reducing your risk of death as exercise. And what’s even more amazing is that there is no down regulation like there is with other drugs.By down regulation, I simply mean, become less sensitive. A perfect...
Shut Your Mouth and Live Longer

Shut Your Mouth and Live Longer

Last week I wrote about the top scientifically supported ways you can make yourself harder to kill…both in your daily life (get stronger, do more cardio and stay mobile) and by taking steps proven to reduce your risk of having negative complications from a...
Shut Your Mouth and Live Longer

How to Be Harder to Kill

I was reading an article with this same title on it, “How to Be Harder to Kill” but this one was written by a special operator Captain in the US Army. Interestingly for him, being harder to kill came down to one main thing, being as strong as he can. His...

It’s Vitamin D Time!

It’s that time again! Time for me to remind you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and to dust off your vitamin D supplement and start taking them. I am neither for nor against the taking of vitamins in general (assuming they are good quality) but...


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