Are you making this mistake?

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my fitness & health journey is this: 

Focusing too much on the small things when the big things aren’t being done well in the first place.

This looks like:

  • Getting stressed out wondering if the paleo diet is better than the vegan diet when you don’t even know how to cook your own food.
  • Trying to find the perfect workout when walking / daily movement is not consistent.
  • Looking for supplements when you have no consistent eating schedule and don’t make quality food choices.
  • Investing in recovery products when you aren’t even getting sufficient quality sleep.

The list goes on…

Hacking is a big buzzword these days. Everywhere you turn on the internet someone is selling the next best supplement, diet, or workout routine that claims to solve all of your problems.

And usually, it’s the thing that somehow everyone in the industry is missing, or it’s a cheat code, or it will produce fast & easy results, etc…

But unfortunately “this one supplement” or “the one secret that trainer’s hate him for knowing” are not the answer.

And to tell you the truth, there is no “one answer” that solves everything. If there were, we’d all know it by now and everyone would be doing it. 

The thing that many of us forget (including me at one point) is that little things make little differences, and big things make big differences.

And these big things are usually the simple yet difficult things to accept that require self-efficacy, dedication, consistency, and hard work.
👉 Getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night will give you more than the most expensive sleep supplement.
👉 Learning how to cook your own food, good meal habits (like eating protein at all major meals), eating mostly whole & unprocessed foods consistently, and not eating too much or too little will give you more than the best marketed diet.
👉 Walking 10,000 steps per day and strength training 2-3x / week consistently for decades will give you more than the most expensive exercise gadget, highest type of fat burning cardio, or most “optimal” program. 

And again, the list goes on….

So my challenge to you this week is to think more “big picture” and ask yourself if there are any “big” areas in your health & fitness that you aren’t honouring. 

Where are trying to be consistent that isn’t so important? Where are you not being consistent that is super important?

When I thought about things this way, it was super insightful for me. I hope it is for you too.


PS: here is a video that really turned a corner for me a while back


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