Hello Wonderful Roseland Patrons,

In case you haven’t heard, I have had to make one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in a long time and have decided to leave Roseland Health & Fitness.  Claire and Christine have built such an amazing community that I was loath to leave my small part in it. 

I have never seen a place where everyone is so lovely to each and every person.  Never have I seen a client enter or leaving the gym without saying hello or even have a short conversation with someone else.  I have seen people come in and you can tell they were troubled or miffed and watched the tension ebb out of their body by the time there shoes were changed.  So safe and fun have Claire and Christine made this space. 

This was truly a place I could see myself being a part of until my hands failed.  It was all I could do not break personal boundaries and hug these two wonderful Ladies every time I came to work.  

Life does change and though my feelings have not, my circumstances have, at this point my massage time looks to be coming to a close.  My wife and I are moving on to another adventure and are in the midst of purchasing a business in Burlington. 

Unfortunately our current situation has some what slowed the process. We were truly hoping to be into our second month there and able to share our exciting news more.  At this time we are in the final stages of the purchase and therefore I am still limited on what I can disclose.  I can say that I will be in no way competing with Roseland, and I do hope to become involved in some of the amazing events they do.

I would like to thank all of you for the amazing time I had and the welcome you all made feel each and every day. Just being here for this short time has made me a better person.  I attribute all of that to Christine, Claire and to all of you amazing people.

I cannot thank you all enough, Derrick


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